LS Office works with educational institutions to create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring learning environments that meet the evolving needs of students and educators. We offer thoughtful solutions for classrooms, libraries, in-between spaces, cafés, resident life, faculty offices and administrative spaces.

Today’s classrooms look vastly different from the rows of desks many of us grew up with. From elementary schools to college campuses, classrooms today support active learning. They are a fluid mix of technology, student engagement, hands-on learning centers, and blended learning opportunities.

Because of this, LS Office understands that any education space we design needs to be flexible and offer quick transitions for teachers and students alike. So whether your reimagining the classroom, library, faculty space or just areas around campus for students and faculty to enjoy… we’ll work with you to create an environment that inspires learning, sparks creativity, and serves up plenty of relaxation, too!

What are some of the top sellers for classroom spaces? 

Steelcase and Smith System are leaders in the area of education with insights and services to go along with their quality products.