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When you are looking for office room furniture for meeting space constraints, you shouldn't ignore the quality and durability of the furnishings. This stylish traditional right L group desk is perfect for integrating style with traditional furnishings to meet the modern-day office requirements. Small businesses often search for space-conserving furniture, and this desk will enable you to utilize your space efficiently and creatively. You can keep your monitors or laptops on the right return, and leave the other portion of the desk free for performing other essential office work, such as making notes, managing documents, and invoices. Important files can be stored on either side of the desk in the storage systems. Not only are the documents accessible easily, the storage also allows you to keep the desk de-cluttered at all times.

  • Durable construction
  • Long-lasting furniture
  • Good value for money
  • File storage system

OfficeSource Abbey Collection L Group Right – 72”W

$7,926.00 Regular Price
$4,359.30Sale Price
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