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Healthcare is experiencing rapid change – new regulations, new responsibilities, and new roles. It should be patient-centered – encouraging patients to be more involved in co-managing their care.​

The healthcare experience needs to be an integrated journey, providing for the need for choice, the need for control, and making meaningful connections between patients, clinicians and families. By connecting People, Place & Technology, the healthcare journey can be optimized. Faced with changes and new services, healthcare organizations shouldn’t overlook the assets like medical office furniture that’s highly leverageable and pivotal to success.​

Right healthcare furniture helps in discovering insights and creating moments that can lead to change. Moments that enhance the wellbeing, empathy and connection to patients, clinicians and families.

One of the spaces Steelcase Health has studied is the waiting room - a space that is usually uninviting and unappealing.  Waiting spaces are those where patients and family members spend time waiting for direction, for consultation, for results or for information. 

Spending time in waiting room can become more difficult without proper healthcare furniture installations.  Patients and family members want to use their time productively, and get work done or answer emails.  The comfortable modern medical office furniture reduces stress and eases anxiety.  The relatives of the patient should have the privacy to discuss questions they want to ask the clinician; information about care; proper storage space to put their stuff, and access to technology/power so they can stay connected to work or other family members. 

What technology should we
include in our space? 

Charging stations are a must for families to stay connected to the outside world - especially if they are waiting for a long time. Other technologies you could incorporate include flat-screen televisions arranged in zones for different programming, information boards/screens that display the status of patients, and technology that allows for collaboration between caregivers and patients/families.

Welcome the needed technology and the right furniture for healthcare in your hospital and make the hospital space better.

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Examine Room Furniture.png


Exam room furniture is a vital requirement in hospitals that enhances the medical facility. Whether you need the doctor's stools, cabinetry, or guest chairs, you will get everything right here. Chart holders, and instrument stands, are the kinds of instruments that help patients heal fast. Doctor exam room furniture is designed in a way that it is easy to keep such furniture items clean. So, create versatile medical exam room furniture to enhance patient satisfaction and increase healthcare visits.


Patient room furniture has a significant role to play in the healing of patients. It includes recliners, beds, overbed tables, chairs, sofas, and what not. You need to think beyond the design considerations to make your patients comfortable.

Furthermore, it is also important to add privacy curtains to separate the area from other hospital beds in the room. No matter what type of hospital patient room furniture you want, we have it all. Our patient room furniture manufacturers in El Paso, Texas will deliver you the things that you need to make the stay of the patient as seamless as possible.


Dress up the waiting room and reception area of your hospital with the right medical office waiting room furniture in El Paso. It is designed to keep the patients comfortable while waiting for their appointment or turn to come up.

Waiting room furniture for medical offices should have comfortable seating, tables with antimicrobial surfaces, and guest chairs, to name a few. You want to give a positive impression of your healthcare facility to the patients and guests when they enter your hospital. And healthcare lobby furnishings or waiting room furniture plays an important part in keeping your patients comfortable.

LS Office is right here to fulfill your needs for waiting room furniture in El Paso, which will definitely make you come back for more. 


The cafeteria is a major location inside a hospital. It impacts the overall well-being and other hospital services. Cafeteria furniture adds to the comfort of the patients and their relatives.

Thus, get the strong, durable, and ergonomic cafeteria furniture from LS Office in El Paso and meet the expectations of every individual entering the hospital.

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