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Benching Cabinets


Storing documents in a safe and secure place is one of the many concerns you can have when working at an office. Your important documents must be located in a place easily accessed when needed, but these documents must also be kept safe at all times for future use. To address these concerns, this two drawer lateral file cabinet from the Benching Cabinets collection by OfficeSource is here. You should consider investing in this file cabinet to get more office storage space. In addition to offering you practical solutions for your storage problems, this benching cabinet is also aesthetically pleasing. It comes with a built-in locking system to ensure the safety and security of your files.

  • Sufficient storage capacity
  • Sturdiness and longevity
  • Perfect dimensions
  • Attention catching designs
  • Comfortable rates
  • High quality material

OfficeSource Benching Cabinets 2 Drawer Metal Benching File Cabinet - 30''W

$1,286.00 Regular Price
$707.30Sale Price
Color: Silver
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