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Shapes Collection


If you're looking for office furniture ideas, this quad seat is a great choice. You can use this quad seat in a home office, a conventional office setting, reception room, waiting lounge, or in many other rooms to elevate the aesthetic appeal, while simultaneously offering a comfortable seating alternative. This quad seat can surely help you cast a great impression on your clients. This beautiful quad seat comes in three color options that you can choose from. The upholstery of this quad seat is constructed with high quality material for better durability and greater comfort. You can use this quad seat in isolation, or with a group of the other shapes offered in the Shapes Collection by OfficeSource.

  • A unique and elegant design
  • Top-quality construction
  • Comfortable seat
  • Variety of finishes

OfficeSource Shapes Collection Quad Seat 1

SKU: 7040F
$505.00 Regular Price
$277.75Sale Price
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