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Value Collection


If you are looking for office furniture with unique designs and eye catching colors, you have come to the right place. The beautiful design of this armless, sled base guest chair by OfficeSource makes it a must have for every office. The black frame of this guest chair goes perfectly with all three upholstery color variations. The dimensions of the seat are ideal for any kind of work place. Whether you need new furniture to seat your guests in your home office, or you wish to remodel a commercial office, this sled base guest chair is designed to easily fit in nearly any type of office. The seat is especially designed for added comfort to ensure that your guests are always content in your office.

  • Elegant design with unique colors
  • Great utility and affordability
  • Attractive seating option
  • Unparalleled comfort

OfficeSource Value Collection Armless, Sled Base Guest Chair with Black Frame

SKU: 2709F
$339.00 Regular Price
$186.45Sale Price
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