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Office Color Psychology

Colors play a vital role in our lives far more than we imagine. It affects our mood and oftentimes, our productivity depends on it. There are people who find comfort in darkness and there are people who are more motivated when they are surrounded by light. However, whatever color it might be, if it is suitable for our taste, it can easily boost our productivity, health, and even happiness. Furthermore, since most people spend their time at work for roughly 8 to 9 hours, it is not impossible to avoid boredom, especially when they are literally just sitting on their own cubicle and looking at their computer the entire time. For that reason, offices with employers who are familiar with color psychology must make a suggestion to improve the productivity of their employees through colors. If you’re looking for ideas, below are the list of colors you must consider if you wish to have a harmonious workplace: 1. Red - If your work requires a lot of physical strength, then a pop of red might be the best color to boost your productivity. Aside from the fact that color red is strong enough to make the surroundings more energetic, it can also be the color to increase heart rate and boost your blood flow.

2. Yellow - If you’re looking for the list of the most energetic colors that exist, yellow cannot be excluded. Just like the sun, it can make our surroundings bright and cheerful which will clearly remind us of sunshine and positivity.

3. Light Blue - Now that we’re talking about blue, I am sure that even you, cannot erase the thought of the ocean and the sky and how beautifully they were created because the blue palette represents them perfectly. Whenever we’re at the ocean or whenever we’re looking at the sky, we always feel the calmness it gives so we couldn’t stop admiring it. Hence, it is also the same at work. If we feel calm and at peace, productivity will always be an easy thing.

4. Green - If you are the type of person who loves nature, I am pretty sure the color green is one of your best picks when you’re looking at the color wheel or when you’re deciding to buy something that has different color variations and green is one of it. Moreover, just the thought of nature in our heads already makes us excited and productive, then how about we bring that to our workplace? 5. Pink - Now we’re down to one of the most beautiful colors that are always picked by many, may it be children or adults, pink is definitely for everyone. With its feminine, classy, and calm elements, it will definitely boost our productivity and relax our mind. 6. White - When you’re planning to create a minimal workspace, white is surely the best color to choose because apart from it being light, it will also make your surroundings look neat even with minimal details and displays, but you need to be careful if you have an almost all-white workplace because it can easily attract dirt and are extremely visible. 7. Brown - Another minimal color that has been gaining a lot of recognition lately because of its simple and attractive attributes, is the color brown. If you try to search for a workplace organization, you will most likely find the color brown as the chosen paint for their room or even decorations because it is very aesthetic to the eyes. Now that you have seen the following office color psychology, there should be plenty of ideas in your mind and it’s perfectly fine if you’re hesitating because undoubtedly, the colors mentioned are very hard to choose from due to their different elements. However, if you choose to mix and match some of the colors, then it is okay too for as long as you know that you’d be happy about it and it will create a productive and positive workplace where you’d feel motivated and functional. Browse now for the best furniture suited for your office .


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