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How to clean polywood furniture?

Welcome to a world where style meets sustainability – the realm of polywood furniture. Crafted from recycled plastic, polywood furniture has revolutionized outdoor living, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood furniture. With its remarkable weather-resistant ability, it's no wonder Polywood has become a favorite among homeowners seeking both aesthetics and practicality.

Just like any cherished possession, your polywood furniture deserves tender care to ensure its longevity and preserve its pristine allure. Cleaning polywood furniture is not just a task; it's an art that elevates your outdoor oasis to a sanctuary of comfort and charm. But how to clean polywood furniture? Here we will unveil the science of cleaning polywood, from basic cleaning to tough stains. Let’s get the ball rolling.

How to Clean and Maintain Polywood Furniture?

Outdoor furniture is one of the major determinants of home maintenance. Nobody wants to spend hours and hours scrubbing the furniture with a sponge. That’s where a vacuum cleaner comes in. Let’s find out how to clean and maintain polywood furniture using a vacuum cleaner.

Prepare your vacuum cleaner

Set the vacuum cleaner on a low setting so that it does not have any negative effects on the furniture item. It is advisable to use a handheld vacuum cleaner and attach an appropriate brush with it.

Vacuum off the loose dirt

After preparing the vacuum cleaner, start vacuuming off the loose dirt or dust from the surface of your outdoor furniture. Be more careful while cleaning the crevice or grooves in the material, as these are the areas where dust can be trapped.

Wiping down with a dry cloth

You have removed the dust and dirt. It’s time to wipe down the surfaces of the furniture with a dry cloth to eliminate the remaining dust particles, if any. It will keep your furniture spick and span, and you can store the furniture items safely until next summer.

How to Clean Polywood Chairs with Ease?

Outdoor space is incomplete without adding comfortable chairs to it. And there is nothing better than having polywood chairs for the outdoor space due to their weather-resistant and low-maintenance nature. You just need to have a few household cleaning items, and you will be all set to make the chairs pristine. The items are – mild dish soap, a dry vacuum cleaner, a washcloth, and a soft bristle brush. Here is how to move on with the cleaning process –

  • First, take your polywood furniture out in the open and well-ventilated area where sunlight can reach easily.

  • Gather all the cleaning supplies. Get warm water in the bucket and mix dish soap in it. You can also add 1-part bleach to 2 parts water.

  • Use the washcloth to apply this mixture to the furniture items and let it set for a few minutes.

  • Wipe the dust off with a soft-bristle brush.

  • Use clean water to rinse the furniture thoroughly to eliminate the splash of soapy love (soap residue).

  • Let the furniture air dry in the sunlight to restore its vibrant color.

  • You can repeat the process to say goodbye to stubborn stains, if any.

Now you are ready to enjoy a revitalized outdoor living space.

How to Clean White Polywood Furniture?

You can’t go wrong in choosing to include white polywood furniture items to maintain an inviting outdoor space. But here is the catch: it takes effort and requires diligence to maintain the pristine appearance of these white pieces.

Office Polywood Furniture

So, how to clean white polywood furniture? The process is the same as mentioned earlier for cleaning chairs. However, you might need to include 1 part of bleach in the cleaning solution with two parts of water to wipe out the discolorations or stubborn stains completely. Don’t forget to wear chemical-resistant gloves if you decide to use bleach to protect your skin.

Also, remember not to keep your white polywood furniture in heavily wooded areas to protect them from accumulating dirt or pollen grains.

How Do You Clean Polywood Outdoor Furniture?

Imagine you are having a get-together with your friends at your place, and they compliment you for having seen the most stunning backyard ever in their lifetime. It is possible if you just take simple steps to maintain your polywood furniture.

Interior designers can’t be more right when they emphasize the importance of maintaining your outdoor furniture pieces to level up the aesthetics of your outdoor space. The cleaning techniques followed are the same as mentioned above. It is satisfying and fulfilling to learn these cleaning techniques and make your outdoor space better than ever before.

How to Clean Polywood Table Surfaces?

A magnificent-looking table is the center of attention in your outdoor space that plays a key role in making your dining experience pleasant. How satisfying it feels when your friends and family enjoy a meal in the attractive outdoor space of your home. It not only fosters a sense of harmony but also enhances the overall dining experience.

Get cleaning supplies like a vacuum cleaner, dish soap, washcloth, and water to clean the Polywood table. With a little more care, your polywood table will look like newly bought, and your friends won’t be having choice but to appreciate your furniture items.

To make a long story short

Cleaning polywood furniture is an art that blends aesthetics, practicality, and environmental consciousness. With just a little effort and the right techniques, you can ensure your polywood furniture retains its timeless shine and durability for years to come. By embracing the art of cleaning, you transform each cleaning session into a ritual of rejuvenation. So, don your cleaning apron, gather your tools, and embark on a journey that not only enlivens your outdoor haven but also deepens your connection to the world of sustainable elegance.

“Your polywood furniture deserves nothing less.”


Why is Polywood furniture considered for outdoor use?

Polywood furniture is made from recycled high-density polyethylene plastic sourced from items like milk jugs and detergent bottles. This material is highly durable, resistant to moisture, rot, insects, and weather, making it ideal for outdoor environments.

Can Polywood furniture fade over time due to sun exposure? What causes its discoloration?

While Polywood is designed to resist fading, prolonged exposure to strong sunlight can cause polywood furniture items to discolor. To minimize fading, consider placing your furniture in shaded areas when not in use. Or consider using protective covers for them.

How can I prevent mold or mildew from forming on Polywood furniture?

Mold and mildew can develop in damp environments. Regularly clean your Polywood furniture to remove dirt and moisture, and ensure proper air circulation around the pieces by not placing them against walls or other surfaces.

How long can Polywood furniture last in an outdoor space?

With proper care and maintenance, Polywood outdoor furniture can last for many years, often outlasting traditional wood furniture. Its durability, resistance to the elements, and easy upkeep contribute to its long lifespan.


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