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What is Healthcare Furniture?

Can you imagine a hospital without furniture? Not at all. Furniture is what breathes life into an empty hospital. Without it, a hospital is like a mere building. So, what is healthcare furniture? It is functional, durable, and suitable to be used in healthcare settings like clinics, medical offices, and hospitals. It includes waiting room seating, hospital beds, patient chairs, and the list is endless.

Here, we have come up with insights into the types of hospital furniture and factors to take into account while buying such items.

Types of Hospital Furniture

Unraveling the types of hospital furniture is no rocket science. Let’s explore the types of hospital furniture needed by every hospital.


There was a time when hospital beds were simple and conventional. Now is the time of ultra-luxurious hospital beds with a cocoon of comfort. Today, people choose the hospital due to the kind of full-time care it provides to its patients. And hospital beds play a significant role in that. Because it is the place where patients tend to spend a large chunk of their time. Thus, this part of medical furniture should be designed with a lot of consideration. You can choose from numerous options like –

ICU Beds – These are meant for the patients in the Intensive Care Unit. They are durable as they are powder coated in mechanical and electrical versions to avoid corrosion.

Semi-Fowler Beds – Semi-Fowler beds have features like saline holes, epoxy powder coating, and collapsible rails to prevent patients from falling off the bed.

Pediatric beds – Pediatric beds have drop-side rails for maximum security.

Hospital chairs

What is the first piece of hospital furniture that welcomes most patients? The answer is hospital chairs. Whether it is a lounge, diagnostic room, consultation room, patient room, or emergency room, hospital chairs are found everywhere. Moreover, there are hospital chairs designed for patients, doctors, therapists, and adults. What types of chairs are used in hospitals? Here are some of them –

  • Dental chairs

  • Recliner chairs

  • Shower chairs

  • Stretcher chairs

  • Dialysis chairs

  • Wheelchairs

Medical Chair

Pediatric furniture

Pediatric furniture is specially designed for babies and toddlers to assist them in their healing journeys. It includes –

  • Bassinets

  • Baby shower

  • Cradles and cribs

  • Baby bathtubs

Patient ward furniture

Patient ward furniture includes a specific set of furniture like basin stands, plain beds, bedside lockers, and intravenous poles to be used by medical personnel.

Carts and trolleys

Carts and trolleys form part of healthcare furniture in every hospital for holding important equipment like emergency supplies, medicines, surgical equipment, and anesthesia equipment. There are usually two types of trolleys used in the hospitals –

Mayo trolleys – Mayo trolleys are made of surgical stainless steel and are used in operation theatres.

Dressing trolleys – The trolleys used for handling emergency medical situations are dressing trolleys in which you can store all medicines and equipment.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Healthcare Furniture

What are the factors you should keep in mind before making a purchase of healthcare furniture items?


Medical furniture is more prone to wear and tear as it is subject to frequent use. Besides, these pieces are exposed to cleaning agents and harsh agents. Consequently, you must choose furniture pieces that are resilient in nature and are also of commercial-grade quality. It will not only make them last longer but are also cost-effective. Whether you choose the fabric material or furniture material, be sure to select the quality pieces that are easy to maintain and durable so that you don’t have to spend tons of money on their maintenance afterward. Let us tell you that durable medical furniture also makes it easy to control the infection, hence ensuring patient safety.


The healthcare system serves safety as the top priority. The right healthcare furniture is a vital choice you can make in achieving safety. Ensure you choose furniture pieces with rounded or blunt edges to prevent accidental injuries. If your hospital has any broken furniture, quickly get rid of such items for utmost safety.


There is no denying the fact that medical furniture is susceptible to various germs and bacteria. You should disinfect it regularly to maintain a healthy environment for the patients so that they can heal faster. Watch out for the fabrics and materials used in making the furniture. For instance – don’t choose furniture having porous material, ridges, or grooves. The reason is that they let the microorganisms harbor quickly and form biofilms, making it challenging to clean such items. Instead, choose non-porous materials as they are not only durable and easy to clean but also resistant to microbes.


Undoubtedly, the hospital environment comes with stress for not only patients but also their loved ones. This is where well-thought-out and ergonomic furniture plays its part in easing stress and improving the comfort of the patients. Comfortable furniture is efficient in promoting good posture, minimizing discomfort, and accelerating healing. This makes the patients establish a high level of trust in the hospital or healthcare institution. Moreover, it also makes the healthcare providers provide their services to the patients effectively and efficiently.

Waiting Room Furniture

Final Thoughts

Hospitals are the epicenters of the healthcare industry. You cannot underestimate the role of each hospital furniture item. Therefore, choose the right healthcare furniture for creating a safe, healthy, and supportive environment to promote quick healing and recovery of the patients.


What are the features of hospital chairs in hospital furniture?

Hospital chairs are designed with several important features. They prioritize patient comfort with cushioning and ergonomic design, facilitate easy cleaning and infection control, often have adjustable components for versatility, and are built with durability to withstand the demands of a healthcare environment. Furthermore, they may come with mobility options for patient transport within the hospital.

What are the types of hospital beds available?

Hospital beds include ICU beds for critical care, semi-Fowler beds with adjustable features, and pediatric beds designed for child patients.

How are hospital chairs used in healthcare facilities?

Hospital chairs are versatile and can be found in various areas of a hospital, including waiting rooms, diagnostic rooms, and patient rooms, providing seating for patients, doctors, therapists, and adults.

Why is durability important in healthcare furniture?

Durability ensures longevity and cost-effectiveness, helps control infections, and ensures the safety of patients and healthcare personnel.

Why is cleanliness crucial in medical furniture selection?

Cleanliness is vital to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Non-porous materials are preferred as they are easy to clean and resistant to microbes.


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