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Borders II Collection


When it comes to aesthetic appeal and unmatched durability, acrylic panels stand tall! This panel from OfficeSource is the perfect example. This acrylic panel offers the best quality and aesthetics. Acrylic is known for its great durability, which often makes it a prime option to separate work stations with. The fact that this acrylic panel is not transparent adds to its already great utility. This acrylic panel also elevates the looks of your work station by offering two different, yet attractive, finishes. You can choose whichever finish matches your existing office furniture the closest. All in all, with great strength, increased privacy, and striking aesthetics, this acrylic panel is a must-have for your work station.

  • Acrylic material
  • Gorgeous, sleek design
  • Private and stylish

OfficeSource Borders II Collection Acrylic Panel 2

$414.00 Regular Price
$227.70Sale Price
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