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Borders II Collection


Modular office furniture accessories can reinvigorate your office, and add to the air of professionalism at the workplace. This combination fabric and acrylic panel enhances the privacy of the workstations. Employees are more productive when they have a personal space in the office. You can retrofit this panel to workstations to boost the production of employees. This panel is a combination of acrylic and Visconti fabric. The durability and strength of the dual material construction increases the longevity of the panel. If you are budget-conscious and still want to transform the appearance of your office, these panels are a great way to give employees a peaceful environment where they can work without being interrupted and distracted.

  • Acrylic and fabric material
  • Gorgeous, sleek design
  • Private and stylish

OfficeSource Borders II Collection Combination Fabric and Acrylic Panel 3

$162.00 Regular Price
$89.10Sale Price
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