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Borders II Collection


It's the combination of Visconti fabric with acrylic that makes this panel so stylish and elegant. This panel is not only highly functional, but also quite affordable. Available with two frame colors, black and silver, these panels can easily blend well with any theme at your workspace. While most people use these useful panels for setting up a reception area, these panels can also be used to add more privacy to your workspace. When installed between workstations, these panels can create an individual private area for each employee. With a width of 66'' and height of 12'', these large panels can be easily added to any suitable area. These lightweight panels are extremely versatile, stylish, and economical, and can be used for various purposes at the office. Make the most out of your office furniture, and add these combination panels to make your workspace more private and stylish.

  • Acrylic and fabric material
  • Gorgeous, sleek design
  • Private and stylish

OfficeSource Borders II Collection Combination Fabric and Acrylic Panel 4

$398.00 Regular Price
$218.90Sale Price
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