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Borders II Collection


These markerboard panels will allow you to transform your workstations. These panels will ensure that maximum functionality is provided, without compromising on aesthetics. This multi-purpose solution maintains a perfect balance between collaboration and privacy. When you are looking to reconfigure your workstation, practicality is the most important thing to consider. This markerboard panel from OfficeSource provides a plain surface where you can take notes or jot reminders with a marker. If you cannot compromise on the aesthetics of the office, but still want to get the most out of the panel systems, then this markerboard panel will fulfill your requirements.

  • Durability and longevity along with great aesthetics
  • Private workstations
  • Multi-purpose board
  • Use markers on the board

OfficeSource Borders II Collection Whiteboard Panel

SKU: OfficeSource Borders II Collection White
$251.00 Regular Price
$138.05Sale Price
Color: white
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