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Are you looking for office conference room furniture that is practical, yet stylish? If the answer is yes, then this racetrack conference table from the OS Conference Tables collection by OfficeSource is the ideal product to invest in. This aesthetically pleasing conference table was created to bring an element of style to your office conference room. Available in various finishes, this table with an elliptical base is 8 feet in length and is, therefore, ideal for conference use. Apart from exuding perfection in terms of design, the table is extremely practical in terms of functionality as well. Moreover, this table is created from premium quality material and offers sturdiness and resilience to damage.

  • Variety of elegant finishes
  • Practical and functional
  • Premium quality material

OfficeSource OS Conference Tables Racetrack Conference Table with Elliptical Bas

$2,280.00 Regular Price
$1,254.00Sale Price
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