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OS Laminate Bookcases


Bookshelves should be on everyone's list of office furniture; they make life easy by adding a new dimension to your storage needs. This bookcase from OfficeSource comes with six shelves: five adjustable and one fixed, which means that you can store files, documents, stationery, and more here. Feel that your workstation is getting crowded? Move all the items that you don't typically use to the bookshelf, and retrieve it easily when you need it. Special attention has been paid to the design of this bookcase in order to make it more space efficient. This bookcase is available in your choice of eight attractive finishes. This bookcase is made from premium quality wood that is tested for its durability, which adds sturdiness to this product.

  • Variety of beautiful finishes
  • 6 spacious shelves
  • Sturdy wood

OfficeSource OS Laminate Bookcases Bookcase - 6 Shelves

SKU: PL156
$632.00 Regular Price
$347.60Sale Price
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