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OS Laminate Collection


If you want to utilize your office space resourcefully, then this corner desk shell is a solid investment. This corner desk shell will allow you to use the corners of the office room much more efficiently. Without intruding on the footprint of your other workplace furniture, this corner desk shell provides a surface where you can work effectively. It is available in eight different colored finishes, so you can pick the one that works best for your office needs. This corner desk shell also has a wire grommet, which will make cable management easy, so you can place your laptops, personal computers, or table lamps on it without the wires getting tangled.

  • Allows for utilization of corners
  • Contemporary design, with traditional functionality
  • Offered in various color choices
  • Durable construction, sturdy build

OfficeSource OS Laminate Collection Corner Desk Shell - 36''W x 24''D

SKU: PL163
$830.00 Regular Price
$456.50Sale Price
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