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Spine Cord Management


Exposed cords and wires are harmful to performance as they are more susceptible to damage. Therefore, it is essential that you protect your assets and employees. Professional cord management is important because it helps in preventing risk caused by loose wires. This cord management spine is perfect for maintaining office aesthetics. Apart from ensuring the general safety of equipment and people, this 30 inch flexible cord management spine boosts functionality. It makes routing your cords and power cables easy, and is flexible and sturdy. If you are looking for workplace solutions for neat wiring and cord management, then this product will be perfect for concealing wires and cords. This product will also help in troubleshooting wires and cords, as it will expedite the process of line tracing. There will be no more exposed wires ruining the aesthetics of your carefully designed office!

  • 30-inch spine
  • Silver finish
  • Sleek contemporary design

OfficeSource Spine Cord Management 30" Flexible Spine Cord Management

$103.00 Regular Price
$56.65Sale Price
Color: Silver
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