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Variant Collection


There's nothing quite as unsightly as a tangled mess of cables behind your desk. Not only does it look unpleasant, but a mess of cables can also prove to be a bit of a hazard. Cords could become twists and plugs could be disconnected. Keeping your cables organized, neat and tidy, will ensure that your business runs smoothly. These office accessories are add-ons that make a huge impact to your overall business operation. Tangled cables are a hazard, and can also waste precious time when you need to constantly untangle them, or plug things back in after they've been inadvertently disconnected.Coil cable managementMust-haves for all office work spacesAdds a level of safety to the officeDimensions: 18\"L x 1 3/8\"D

OfficeSource Variant Collection Coil Cable Snake

$97.00 Regular Price
$53.35Sale Price
Color: Black
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